Pydna Aulos Exploration 1

Hello, My name is Ben Peters, and I’m just starting up on playing the Pydna Aulos. These videos that I will be posting every once in a while will be not only a record of my learning, but also a place for practicing ideas if you ever want to learn to play the Pydna as well. I hope you enjoy these videos!

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  1. Congratulations Ben! Making this sort of video takes real courage and your enthusiasm is infectious. Giving others a chance to share your journey right from the start is most generous of you. The aulos revival is so niche and dependent on the internet, public videos like this are key to building confidence, expertise, and a healthy sense of community.

    At this moment in time, I am aware of eight Pydna aulos players on the planet. We are all indebted to Robin Howell, the first to make convincing professional instruments, ready to play and wholly consistent with archaeological evidence. Your instrument is one of the first four he made in 2016, shipped across the Atlantic for Callum Armstrong and I to use in the production of Suppliant Women ( Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our heads around the 7-EDO hole boring in time for the show. It took me eighteen months to begin to feel I understood it, the tuning so completely defies our cultural conditioning (which is 12-EDO: Equal Divisions of the Octave). Now the Pydna is my favourite aulos without a doubt.

    Here are some photos I took, including your instrument, at the first doublepipes summer school, Euterpe 2018:

    I can’t wait to see your next episode!

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