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Useful information for contributors to this blog


Show/Hide Kitchen Sink

This important button is on the far left of the Visual editor. It displays another row of buttons: take time to explore them. An alternative to the “Ω” button (Insert custom character) is the HTML Special Characters box, which appears on the bottom left of the screen when writing or editing.

Embed External Media

Shortcodes allow you to easily and safely embed media from places like YouTube and SoundCloud. Enter the shortcode [between square brackets]; specific instructions for each one are here: youtubeaudiosoundcloudflickrslidesharearchivesscribdpolldaddyblip.tvdailymotionvimeo, and wpvideo (VideoPress).

Visibility: Public/Private/Password-protected

The ‘Private’ setting means only users with Editor or Administrator roles may view your page or post. See for more details.

Latex Code

LaTeX logo is a powerful markup language for writing mathematical equations, formulas, etc. See for instructions.

Overriding WordPress’s Interpretations

If you want code to appear as code, or straight quotes to appear as straight quotes, workarounds are at Note that you have to use the Text editor for these to work, not the Visual editor.

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