First score for Megara aulos: Alcestis, Kommos

In this video, I discuss my approach to composing and playing music on an aulos reproduced by Chrestos Terzēs after an original buried at Megara in c. 300 BCE. The reeds are by Robin Howell. The occasion is the 2019 Bradfield Greek Play – the Alcestis of Euripides.

The aulos part that I am demonstrating is still in pencil. The first score for Megara aulos that I have finished engraving is from later on in the play – an abridged setting of the Kommos:


Here is a 360 degree video that corresponds to this score relatively closely:

It was filmed in the Greek Theatre at Bradfield College, UK, on Tuesday 25 June 2019. Special thanks to Polly Caffrey, Armand D’Angour, Stephen Wallace, Matthew Lowe, David Quinn and the cast of Alcestis 2019 — the 40th Bradfield Greek Play. King Admetus is played by Jack Kidson.

For more info, see

All the scores and rehearsal MP3s that I prepared for this production are available at

The following video gives more information on the auloi of Megara:

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  1. Norman Holly says:

    The video “Rediscovering Ancient Greek Music” is truly fascinating. Are there enough performances for a CD or DVD? How can I discover more about this and other projects?

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