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A Louvre deluxe model by Robin Howell

In June 2017, Callum Armstrong upgraded to a deluxe Louvre model, developed for him by Robin Howell in Toronto, Canada. Callum’s first performance playing this ‘Rolls-Royce’ instrument was at the 10th MOISA Meeting in Oxford last July: The photographs above … Continue reading

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Delphic Paean by Athenaios Athenaiou

Updated on 17 Jan 2019 Here is a draft of some performing materials I am developing with Armand D’Angour and Stefan Hagel. This is an experiment – we would welcome feedback from singers and academics. Our idea is to move away … Continue reading

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Learning to play the aulos: practice documentation 1

It has been quiet on this blog for the last five months. Callum Armstrong has been busy, however – practising, composing and making reeds. I have kept up my documentation of his progress by pressing record on my video camera … Continue reading

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Lecture on the Roman tibiae on-line

I am pleased to share with you my lecture on the Roman tibiae which was given in September last year in the frames of the Short Summer School “Music Archaeology”  organised by Berliner Antike-Kolleg in cooperation with the EMAP – European Music Archaeology Project. The lecture was … Continue reading

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Theatre auloi

Barnaby asks me about my thoughts on possible uses of the Louvre aulos in the theatre. Well, in my view the Louvre and the Berlin instruments belong to a different world – perhaps that of dinner parties. Theatre music from … Continue reading

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Notating aulos music?

When exchanging ideas about playing the aulos, I always try to bear one puzzling fact in mind: as far as we know, ancient musical notation was never used to write down a two-part motion. We may have traces of very … Continue reading

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Protected: Louvre Aulos – Data and Images

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Significance of offset holes on Louvre aulos

Lower finger holes I find it puzzling that the lower holes veer off in the same direction on both pipes – to the left – on the lower pipe more sharply. One possible explanation occurred to me today: perhaps, the pipes might … Continue reading

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