Some reeds without a bridle

Here are the results of my latest attempts at aulos reed making. The idea is to learn how to do without the wire bridle that has always been so useful for adjusting the opening. So far none of these is sufficiently easy-going, but I think we are on the right track…

Some newly made aulos reeds
Some newly made aulos reeds
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  1. Fantastic! Thank you, Stefan. I’m itching to try making reeds like this for my early Highland bagpipe chanter. Did you tie both the hot-soak constrictions (at the waist and foot of the reed) around a 6mm rod?

    I wonder if it is necessary to squeeze the bulge above the waist (the ‘belly’) as much as you have. The iconography appears to suggest either a fatter ‘belly’ and ‘bottom’, or a narrower waist, or probably a bit of both. Have you tried tying the waist around a smaller diameter rod? The tip of an oboe staple is slightly oval, with a minor axis of 1.8-2.4 mm and a major axis of 2.4-3.2 mm (

    There’s some great advice at

  2. Thomas Rezanka says:


    Are there any more results for reedmaking?
    How was the reedmaking workshop in Tarquinia? Did you find out new aspects which are important eg. measurements, way or position of pressing the lips?

    Best regards, very interrested

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