Delphic Paean by Athenaios Athenaiou

Here is a draft of some performing materials I am developing with Armand D’Angour. This is an experiment – we would welcome feedback from singers and academics. Our idea is to move away from a single solution, a single recording, a single edition. Instead of fixing and controlling, we want to make it easy for others to adapt these performing materials to suit themselves.

Updates and alternative versions will appear from time to time under each heading below. Right-click (or ctrl-click) to download the editable file formats.

Written elements

PDF of DRAFT (7 May 2017)

The words spoken

The words sung

Here I experimented, making a few changes to a previous version of Armand’s reconstruction.

Editable file formats

Please download the PDF above first (via The editable formats below are unlikely to open correctly on your system; only the PDF can be relied on.

Introduction. Texts 1,  4, and 5. Bibliography

DOCX of DRAFT (7 May 2017)

Text 6. Chorus only

XML | SIB v7 with Latin transliteration (7 May 2017)

Text 7. Chorus + blank staff

XML | SIB v7 with Latin transliteration (7 May 2017)

Text 8. Chorus + aulos

XML | SIB v7 with Latin transliteration and a Louvre aulos part with paphlagmata from pibroch (7 May 2017). The development process for this aulos accompaniment is documented at

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